Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please find our general terms and conditions which can affect your rights, and you should read it before you provides us personnel information. Our aim is to make this process simple but for legal reasons please read our terms and conditions properly so that you are 100% convenient. By submitting an application on this website you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions

Data Protection

While communicating with us you agree to share your information with the other party and also the insurance companies with whom they are insured to ensure no claims are fictitious. We can record every communication so that we can rely on them in future if required. If you do not wish us to does this then please inform us immediately on our official email.

The Replacement Car Is Not Free

Although you have to pay no upfront costs or any security deposits , but still we requires your credit card details to which we can charge any tolls \ fines \ excesses \ costs that may be applicable under the agreement. Under the terms of our contract you are accountable for the costs of the replacement vehicle, which we will recover from the at-fault insurance company on your behalf. To allow us to do so, you must co-operate with True Blue if asked to do so.

Age Requirements

Please note that driver under 18 (21 on some vehicles, 25 on all prestige vehicles) years are not liable to hire a vehicle from us. Some prestige vehicles require a minimum age of 30. Please ask our executive for more information.

Who Can Drive The Rented Vehicle?

If you meet the age criteria and hold a valid driving license (in English) then you can drive our vehicles if you have signed a rental agreement with us. If another driver wishes to drive the rental car then he must contact our branch to get paperwork signed. If the additional driver has not signed this agreement then he will not be insured.

How Long Can You Keep The Car?

You can have the rental vehicle as long as the estimate says car to get repaired. If the repair of car goes over this time then we can only extend this time if your repairer provide us valid reason that why it has taken longer. We may need your help to get this information.

Which Type Of Vehicle You Will Receive?

We will try to provide you vehicle similar to the one you have But it depends on certain circumstances including availability of our vehicles and the life of your vehicle. True Blue car reserves the right to choose the best suitable vehicle for your requirements.

Additional Repairs On Your Vehicle

If you are having additional repairs on your vehicle then please let us know instantly. Lawfully we can only recover that repairs cost which occurs due to the accident. For additional repairs we can charge you.

Can You Replace Your Rental Vehicle Or Switch To Other Company?

If you are not satisfied with the rental vehicle being provided to you , you do have the right call us for a replace that vehicle or to look at other companies as well. However, you may be charged by them an upfront rental cost or bond as security.

Business Vehicles

If your vehicle is a business vehicle then we will have to charge you the GST portion of the hire. You can then get back this on your BAS statement. You are requested to provide us ABN in the space on the Mandate & Authority to Act.

Documents Required

We can recover the money on your behalf from At-Fault party's insurance company but that require us to produce documents. If you do not provide them before we invoice the insurance company then you are liable for the cost of the hire

Liability, Charges And Right To Have A Vehicle

At all times we try to recover liability from other party, or their insurer. However, if some dispute occurs we mainly depends upon your version of the accident because you have feel and observe that better as a eyewitness. If at a later stage we find that you did not tell us the complete story or misguide us then we are liable to charge you under the terms of the Mandate & Authority to Act. If you are found to have a forged claim then we will charge you instantly for the claim.

Your Commitment

Usually insurance companies co-operate with us and we faces no problem with the payment of your rental bill. However, some insurance companies make life as hard as possible for both you and us. You need to allow us to recover your costs, you have to co-operate with True Blue if asked to do so. On some cases, this may include us issuing legal proceedings in your name against the at-fault party and you have to provide proof in support of your need to hire a car and the period for which you want it. If an insurance company does start talking to you that what you should not do then inform us immediately .we will help you.

How Will I Know Whether The Insurance Company Has Paid My Hire Or Not?

We will inform you by an email that the other side has paid the hire and you have no outstanding liability. This could take any time from 15 days after the end of your hire to 2 years. At any stage if you have not received any communication from us and would like an update please feel free to get in touch with us.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Customer desires, and True Blue approves, that True Blue (which expression shall include its employees or agents (both former and present) or affiliates or related companies and any of them from) hire to the Customer the vehicle described in the RA in consideration of the payment of hire costs and related charges [‘Hire Costs’] set out in the RA and for the hire period as shown on True Blue tax invoice.

2. As at the date of this Decree the full Hire Costs are unknown because the hire period is estimated (based on a repairer’s estimate of the length of time the Customer’s own car will be off the road). The parties accept that the total amount may differ when the actual hire period is known. The Customer agrees to be liable for that different total amount. All Hire Costs shall be noted on, and the final balance due will be shown on the final RA, which the Customer acknowledges will not bear the Customer signature. Charges are recorded in 24-hour periods.

3. Interest on the final Hire Costs at the rate of 19% per annum calculated on monthly rests is payable and accrues from the date of the True Blue tax invoice.

4. True Blue agrees to provide the hire vehicle to the Customer on credit for a period of up to 120 days calculated from the date of the hire invoice [the ‘Credit Period’] after which time the Hire Costs and associated fees, costs and disbursements touching or concerning the hire or the recovery of hire charges [collectively referred to as ‘the Charges’] become due and payable without further demand. After the expiry of the Credit Period True Blue may recover by any means the Charges from the Customer. This clause shall not merge on completion.

5. The Customer must have a need for a replacement vehicle. The hire vehicle will only be available to the Customer for the period of need [that is the period that the Customer own or replacement vehicle is unavailable to the Customer or the Customer no longer has a need whichever is the shorter period] after which time the Hire Period will be considered over and this Decree and RA will be deemed terminated and the Customer will be obliged to return the hire vehicle to True Blue forthwith and to immediately pay all Charges.

6. True Blue and the Customer agree that the hire vehicle has been provided because the Customer’s own vehicle is not roadworthy due to a road traffic accident (‘the Accident’) which the Customer alleges on reasonable grounds was the fault of a third party (herein referred to as ‘the TP’’).

7. True Blue will use its best endeavors during the Credit Period to have the Charges paid by the third party [‘TP’] or the third party’s insurer/s [referred to as ‘the TPI’] and if paid the Customer will be released from liability for any Charges so recovered provided that the Customer has fully complied with the obligations imposed on the Customer as set out in this Decree and the RA.

8. The Customer irrevocably appoints True Blue, as the Customer agent and Australian Accident Assist Lawyers Pty Ltd T/a AAA Lawyers as their Solicitors, to recover, by whatever means, including in True Blue’s absolute discretion, the commencement and carrying-on of legal proceedings in the name of the Customer [referred to as ‘the Recovery Process’], the Charges which True Blue considerers in its absolute discretion to have reasonable prospects of recovery from the TP and to receive any such amounts and to account for them in True Blue’ absolute discretion. The Customer understands and accepts that True Blue shall appoint and give instructions on behalf of the Customer to legal advisers in respect of the Recovery Process. The Customer agrees to assist, and render all co-operation required by True Blue in respect to the Recovery Process, which the Customer acknowledges may require that the Customer to provide statements and documents & appear in court as a witness. This clause shall not merge on completion.

9. The Customer warrants to True Blue that s/he has not relied on any promise, representation, inducement or conduct material to the entry by him/her into this Decree or the RA other than as expressly set out in this Decree and the RA with respect to any aspect of the hire, the charges fees and costs or the Recovery Process and is aware that True Blue Accident Management Pty Ltd is relying on this warranty in agreeing to provide a hire car to the Customer on credit and in agreeing to the obligations in this Decree and in committing to the Recovery Process. This clause shall not merge on completion.

10. The Customer must inform True Blue immediately if s/he becomes aware or receives any information to indicate that any insurance company has decided that the Customer’s vehicle is a total loss [write off] time [being of the essence] and in the event of any failure to do so the Customer will be liable for any charges costs and fees True Blue is unable to claim from the TP.

11. Extinction. True Blue can, at any time, immediately cease this Decree (and the RA in respect to the hire of the hire vehicle) if, in the opinion of True Blue:

a. The Customer has not acted in the best interests of True Blue;

b. the Customer is in any way responsible for delaying or holding up the timely recovery of the charges from the TP or the TPI including any failure to provide documents as requested:

c. the Customer has misled Trueblue in anyway; or has otherwise not been open and frank in any information provided to True Blue;

d. The Customer breaches any of the terms of this Mandate and/or the RA in respect to the hire of the hire vehicle:

e. The Customer makes any admission of liability in respect to the accident;

f. the Customer purports to release, by signing a form of Release or otherwise, the TP and/or the TPI from any of the Customer’s rights in respect to the accident;

g. True Blue believes, for whatever reason, that the Charges will not be fully recoverable from the TP and/or the TPI.

12. Notwithstanding any other term of this Decree, if this Decree (and the RA), is terminated for any reason, then the Charges will become immediately due and payable, by the Customer to True Blue.

13. I am been given the choice to appoint my own solicitors to recover the hire car costs which I have declined and continue to choose Australian Accident Assist Lawyers Pty t/a AAA Lawyers as my solicitors.

a. act on my behalf in respect to the recovery of the charges, and all other recoverable costs legal fees and expenses (‘My Claim’), from the TP and/or the TPI.

b. to obtain all documents, reports and other material that might be requested by their solicitors in respect of My Claim

c. to receive any cheque in settlement or payment of My Claim and regardless of payee the same can be utilised and applied to discharge any outstanding amounts or accounts owed or incurred by me to True Blue, or otherwise incurred by True Blue in respect to any action taken to recover My Claim - and thereafter True Blue shall account to me for any surplus;

d. True Blue may share my personal details with associated third parties with respect to the Recovery Process.

14. If the final cheque is drafted under my name I authorise Australian Accident Assist Lawyers Pty t/a AAA Lawyers to bank the cheque into their Trust account and pay the same amount to True Blue Car Rental after deducting their legal fees and charges.

15. I have read and understood this Mandate and agree to be bound by its terms.

copyright @ by True blue Accident Management