About us


Road accidents are not only unfortunate but also annoying. Damage to your car means visits to a repair shop as well as shelling out money from your pocket while you wait out a period of inconvenience.

Even if you are not at fault, dealing with your car insurance company after an accident can get tedious with all the paperwork. Now imagine if you were to deal with the insurance company of the party at fault!

This is where True Blue comes to your service. We are a professional accident management company based in Australia. If you are a Not-At-Fault driver in a crash, we shall provide you with a like-for-like rental vehicle till the time your own car is being mended or till you get a new one in case of total loss of your car.

Getting you a replacement vehicle is only a part of what True Blue will help you with. We extend complete assistance following the accident till the time you get back to your normal routine life with your car. This includes pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, liaison and recovery of costs and charges from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider and consultation & advice on resolution of the crash related issues. Our objective is to put you at ease where you do not have to hassle and run from pillar to post at the cost of your valuable time, money and effort.

How it works

Step 1

Apply for a car online & we will assess your application

Step 2

On approval of your application we will deliver the car to you

Step 3

Return our car, when yours is repaired

Step 4

We recover the loan car costs with your assistance from the at-fault insurer

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