What information you should gather After a Car Accident?

Ensuring safety of yourself and all other parties involved should be of utmost importance. Come out of your vehicle only when it’s safe to do so. Exchanging information with each other is mandatory by law so provide your license picture and contact number only. You don't need to discuss description of the accident at the scene or admit liability at the accident scene as you may end up having an argument with the other party. Let this be handled by our recommended solicitors and their team.
After any car accident, if you are injured or your car is damaged, there are several types of key information to gather and write down while you're still at the scene. If injured dial 000 and request for an ambulance. If the other party is aggressive and non cooperative to provide their details especially their name address and phone number request for police. You can describe the incident to police if asked by police. As all of us will agree that When we have an accident we’re often unprepared. In an average individuals lifespan statistics suggest we only face such situations twice in our life. There are a few key things you should avoid to ensure you reduce the impact it has on your claim. There are many types of evidences to be collected and there’s really no such thing as “too much evidence” as long as it contributes positive and relevant information to your claim.While you're still at the scene, try to gather and write down information about:>• the vehicles involved in the accident (plate numbers, make and model)• the drivers involved (full name and contact info, driver's license number, insurers and policy number) taking pictures of the licenses of other drivers is a good idea. â€¢ the collision (details as to how it happened)• vehicle damage• witnesses (names and contact information)• the accident scene and conditions• your injuries• police information (names and badge numbers of responding officers)• Tow Truck company name Take Pictures of AccidentIf safe to do so Accident photos should include:

• Car damage,

• Skid marks pictures, and

• Pictures of the accident scene.

Car accident scene photos are crucial to help you remember what happened, and also as proof of evidence to file your claim. You could even record witness statement if a witness agrees with you to record his voice or video.   If you are Not at Fault in the accident providing your insurance information is not necessary. It will be good to call us and seek an expert opinion before giving any statements. Just tell them once I will speak to an expert I will forward you the claim number.

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