Accident Management

Insurance Companies are in breach of Insurance Act 1973

It does not happen that often in the life of a person,its statistics prove that the probability of a person's life is close to one or two on average. That's why we do not know what to do with them. How do we know that we are treated fairly by insurance companies? Well the answer is that we can not rely on institutions that are fully operated for profit margins.
Insurance companies try to cut and cut corners in quality labor or in standard times of repair, in parts, in paint, wherever they are. Unfortunately behind the scenes we are just numbers or figures for insurance companies. They do not care at all for the quality of work done on your personal vehicle.
This is where True Blue Accident Management comes in the game, we provide Independent Services to all of our customers; Carefully guide True Blue Repairs into the industry as we take care of your hard earned money. We provide True Blue management service to True Blue consumers, True Blue Fleet and True Blue insurance companies do True Blue Smash Repair.
We take care of the need for all your crash management. We provide a complete case management system from that moment when you talk to us so that you can be sure that you have complete peace of mind.

Using our service is cost effective:
For businesses, we can customize your contact centers for your company needs and answer your phone call under the name of your company, which can be cost-effective and your trademark may improve manifold . To discuss details, call (02 8872 7838) or fill out the contact form with your query.

    Win-Win Situation For All

  • Like for Like Replacement Vehicles.
  • A contender from beginning to end. Do not waste time explaining things to the handler repeatedly claiming things
  • Let us work on your behalf and keep things in mind for you.
  • Why spend your precious time to get many quotes.
  • Why Lose Your "No Claim Bonus" With Your Insurance Company.
  • Why not fault directly from the insurance company. Save it only in case.
  • Why pay extra? And part from your money.
  • If necessary, we can recommend you an experienced legal team.
  • Do not waste your time in the queue. Every time you contact us you will talk to a real person and all questions will be taken care of in minutes.
  • Call us! Waiting for a long time without a car straight for your door.
  • Choose your repair, its legal authority - or guide you to choose us.
  • We interact with almost all insurance companies and keep their understanding.
  • We keeps track of repair on your vehicle.
  • Our suggested solicitors can help you fix the damage

Benefits For Your Enterprise

If you are a business owner and are looking for an accident management solution, then we can help you organize it in no time. Why waste time is what we can do for you, while you can go there in search of more business.We help you reduce costs, get results using modern technology and software that brings transparency. We provide you with updates, graphs, charts and key progressive indicators to showcase your business through KPI. For more discussion on our accident management solution, please contact 02 8872 3838338

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